About the founder

 🧬 I'm Angela, founder of PETITE LAB CREATIONS (PLC)I have a BSc in Cell Biology & Genetics and a MBA.

👩🏻‍💻 During the day I’m immersed in a corporate gig that combines my love for science and business. PLC is my passion project created for science lovers, like myself, who enjoy having a little something special that represents who you are. 

🐹  I’m an animal lover and grew up with a childhood dog. Now with the busy work schedule, a dog might not be the best option but I have two hamsters who I love to bits. I’m a lover of Snoopy (as you can see) and am a bit absent minded at times (spot the clothing label🤣).

💡 There are so many ideas that I want to share with you all, bear with me, they will come! Working at this slowly during spare moments on weekends.

Please join me on this exploration journey together! 

— AngelaFounder