Molecular Mixology Design Story - A Visual Journey Of The World's Most Iconic Cocktails

Nothing beats a refreshing ice cold Gin & Tonic on a warm summer day. Or the smell of orange zest from an Old Fashioned after a good meal. The world of Mixology reminds me of Chemistry, blending various concoctions to create beautiful end products that not only look aesthetically pleasing but also a delight on the taste buds. The scientific approach to preparing cocktails that create different tastes, textures and phases of matter brings back memories of when I was still in school and experimenting away in the lab.

It started off with the recreation of an old college poster while we were working on our Periodic Elegance series. The 'Periodic Table of Mixology' sets off on a journey into the world of cocktails, deconstructing some of the world’s most well-known drinks and recreating them through a visual experience based on the basic components of the cocktail together with the structure of the alcohol molecule.

Check out our: Periodic Table of Mixology Poster

The first challenge was the representation of the drinks - how do we represent them in a way that resonates and appeals? How can we translate these into designs that fit the right products? First and foremost, the molecular structures need to represent the drinks better than anything else, while still retaining the fun and aesthetically appealing factor.

Alcohol molecule sketch

The different ingredients, on the other hand, emulates the core personality of each cocktail and were deconstructed into their basics to recreate a visual experience that captures their individual characteristics in detail. To achieve this, we turned to illustrations for these ingredients and incorporated them into the Molecular Structure.

Molecular Mixology Initial designs

And like magic, with all of the elements combined, our Molecular Mixology series was born. I created Petite Lab Creations to combine my love for science and the appreciation for the finer things in life. I hope that these designs in our latest series allows you to show off your inner nerd and at the same time bring beauty, elegance, and a bit fun to your next home gathering or social event.



AY - Founder