Concept Story: Periodic Elegance

For as long as I can remember, sciences came to me naturally. Logic with concrete answers, nothing abstract or vague (except maybe quantum physics 🤣). Luckily enough, I was also able to combine my passion for science with a career in pharmaceuticals which continues to benefit me till this day.  

One of my favorites during my time as a science student was the periodic table. There is something about the elements and how they interact with each other that deeply fascinated me. (It was also because it got me straight As but let's not brag too much ❤️👩‍🔬🧪⚗️). When I brainstormed for original designs, it was the first thing that came to mind.

Why is the periodic table always so boring🤔😓😴?

Why is it always in solid colors🎨👩🏻?

Sitting down with our designer (, we brainstormed💡 ways to recreate this icon of science. Taking inspiration from litmus paper (another student-time favourite), we added elegance and style with water-colours to create a design that is just as suited for the office as it is for the science classroom.

Introducing Periodic Elegance! I hope you like this design🙏❤️✌️. Checkout the entire collection!

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